Hanover's Consumer Journey Solution helps uncover consumer preferences and drivers of behavior,enabling a more targeted marketing strategy.


  • 与竞争对手相比,消费者如何看待我们的产品/品牌?
  • 在更广泛的人群中,哪些特征或行为定义了应针对的群体?
  • 推动消费者购买决策的因素,and where in that process could we most effectively inflect decisionmaking?
  • 我们如何提高客户忠诚度或将客户转变为品牌拥护者?

Hanover's Consumer Journey Solution

Hanover's Consumer Journey Solution provides the consumer insights necessary to optimize marketing efforts for maximum impact


screenshot: Attitude,Awareness & Usage Engagement


Evaluate trends in consumer knowledge,感知,beliefs,intentions,loyalty and behaviors toward your brand.评估特定的时间段或跟踪您在影响此指标方面的进展。

Customer Segmentation

screenshot: Customer Segmentation

Define unique segments and develop personas

深入了解客户的人口统计,心理的,以及发现交叉销售和追加销售机会的行为特征,as well as inform your messages,服务策略,and product mix.


screenshot: Path to Purchase Analysis


Map your customer's journey (or Shopper Path) to purchase,了解客户如何发现(意识),researching (Consideration),and deciding to buy your products or services (Conversion).


screenshot: Satisfaction and Loyalty Tracking

Track post-purchase satisfaction,loyalty,倡导

持续监控客户满意度,收集正确课程所需的数据,推动产品创新,and retain customers.


  • Align marketing strategy and tactics to maximize ROI
  • 向零售商展示思想领导力,以赢得货架空间并推动销售增长。
  • Identify opportunities for new product innovations and line extensions

A Word from One of Our Corporate Clients:

我们意识到对洞察力的需求超过了我们团队的增长。For the cost of another full-time employee,我们整个汉诺威团队都致力于帮助那些需要持续关注的大型项目。I felt confident that experienced Hanover analysts were working on my high-priority projects,这反过来又腾出了我的时间来实现公司范围内的目标,并提高洞察团队的内部意识。This allowed us to contribute to multiple business units and support different departments with strategic research.Trusting vwin下载Hanover Research as a strategic partner has enabled our lean team to have a bigger impact.


Kristen Kolb;资深洞察策略师,Clayton Homes

Whatever your goals,Hanover will partner with you to create a custom approach to support your needs.


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