Hanover's Market Entry Solution uncovers your best growth opportunities and builds the case to pursue them using a rigorous,proprietary opportunity identification,优先化,以及验证过程。


  • What growth potential exists for our current products in new markets?For new or adjacent products in our existing markets?
  • What are the most attractive new markets?Which are the most accessible?哪一个是最适合的战略?
  • How should our value proposition adapt to evolving customer preferences and competitor dynamics?

Hanover's Market Entry Solution

Hanover's comprehensive process will help companies confidently make go/no-go decisions on potential growth opportunities.

Market Identification and Sizing

Market Identification and Sizing

Identify and size market entry or expansion opportunities

通过互动验证市场规模并量化与该市场增长相关的风险,on-demand dashboard in which you can adjust assumptions to calibrate your approach.



Identify market trends;验证用例和用户需求

Understand how or why a product or service is being used today (and by whom),以及客户需求是否可能在未来发生变化。




通过对市场结构的全面了解,减少风险和增加时间,with a focus on the relationships or dynamics between market participants along different points of the value chain.

Competitor Profiling

screenshot: Competitor Profiling


全面了解竞争对手的产品和服务组合,定价和营销属性,雇佣模式,目标行业,and end users to enable the most effective competitive positioning.


  • Fuel growth by building an objective,data-driven business case for investments
  • Drive 德赢下载higher ROI by using a framework to compare new opportunities to your current markets

A Word from One of Our Corporate Clients:

Thank you for all of your good work in assisting us to frame a submission in a stiff nation-wide competition.汉诺威吸收了很多关于大圆的复杂信息,我们的战略方向是利用卓越绩效的波多里奇模型,and then package it to meet the Alliance requirements for a ‘Theory of Change,转型项目。“我们要感谢你!


- Kathy O'Brien;副总裁兼首席战略官,Great Circle

Whatever your goals,Hanover will partner with you to create a custom approach to support your needs.


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