Enrollment Management Solutions provide a comprehensive ongoing assessment of your institution's enrollment process.汉诺威的专家团队将评估您当前的招生计划的有效性,并在整个招生漏斗中确定需要改进的领域,from targeting the right applicants to maximizing matriculation rates.


  • 我们学校的招生程序效率低下在哪里?
  • How (and where) should we target our recruiting efforts?
  • 为什么学生们决定不入学?他们在哪里上学?
  • 什么因素会改变一个非女学生的入学决定?
  • 其他学校如何招收学生?


We will customize an approach for your institution that leverages the expertise of our team and multiple methodologies to support your institution's goals.

Pre-Enrollment Funnel Dashboard


Evaluate the health of the current enrollment process.

研究一个机构对入学渠道的调查,并解开一个机构在哪里表现良好以及在哪里(更重要的是why) it is encountering enrollment inefficiencies.

Geomarket Opportunity Dashboard

screenshot: geomarket opportunity dashboard

Target the optimal applicant pool.

从地理位置上看,一家机构在全国范围内寻找其申请人,defines attractive student profiles via key demographics,并发现新的未开发的地理区域,以吸引人才。



Maximize applicant completion and student acceptance.

Provides a customized online survey of matriculants and/or non-matriculants to assess matriculation drivers,gauge the relative strength of an institution's brand,并发现机构改进的机会。


  • Identify annual and longitudinal enrollment trends
  • 扫描注册效率低下的潜在驱动因素
  • Visualize geographic recommendations for targeted recruitment
  • Detail ongoing applicant enrollment trends,转换率,整体市场饱和
  • Uncover drivers of non-matriculation


The Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee,Knoxville,recognizes the graduate and executive education field is changing quickly.The need for our college's graduate and executive education programs to adapt quickly is increasing. To keep up with the speed of industry change,we needed a partner that would allow our team to test market responses to different ideas.  We have enjoyed working with Hanover because they are able to provide a quick,给予我们方向的高层次的回应。如果我们选择在研究问题或问题上更深入,汉诺威也有能力进行更详细的研究。我们希望根据数据做出决策,汉诺威研究为我们提供了这样做的能力。vwin下载

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- Bruce K.Behn;研究生与行政教育副院长;田纳西大学哈斯拉姆商学院

Whatever your goals,Hanover will partner with you to create a custom approach to support your needs.