Hanover's Grant Solutions for 德赢下载Higher Education provide targeted guidance for your programmatic and research grants work – uncovering new opportunities,supporting institutional funding initiatives and bolstering faculty development.

We help you answer key questions:

  • How can we secure more institutional program funding?
  • How can we support implementation of key initiatives and scale successful programs?
  • How can we improve our current grantseeking capacity and strategies?
  • How can our faculty craft the most competitive submissions?
  • Which grants should we pursue based on past performance and current institutional relationships?
  • Which grants are our peers securing?

Hanover's Grants for 德赢下载Higher Education Solution

We will customize an approach that leverages the expertise of our team and employs a holistic strategy for supporting your ongoing goals.

Grantseeking Capacity

Build institutional grants capacity.

Supports the development of institutional capacity to pursue and manage grant funding through training,strategic assessment,and benchmarking.Includes grantsmanship workshops,one-on-one guidance,and cohort-based support through Hanover's Grant Academy.

Funding Research

Identify grant funding opportunities.

Explores and evaluates grant opportunities aligned to programs,funding levels,and faculty research needs.Facilitates planning through research on historical and future funding trends,while monitoring which funders your peers are targeting.

Pre-Proposal Support

Refine pre-drafting strategies.

Streamlines the assessment and development of competitive project concepts,helping to navigate funder expectations and providing coaching on program officer outreach prior to proposal development.

Proposal Support

Enhance your proposal quality.

Bolsters client-led grant proposal projects through hands-on review and revision services,ensuring that the most competitive proposals are submitted.

Proposal Development

Support full-cycle proposal production.

Provides primary writing and project management capabilities,ushering institutional teams from iterative drafts to polished,on-time submissions.


  • Increase the quality,volume,and success rates of programmatic and research grant applications
  • Grow the overall grantwriting competency of individuals and teams at your organization
  • Fill gaps in expertise and bandwidth among existing institutional resources

A Word from One of Our 德赢下载Higher Education Clients:

We were impressed by the quality of research and the operating model that Hanover offered,meeting all our needs at a price that was affordable.We plan to leverage their services to conduct a thorough review of our course portfolio,allowing us to make data-driven decisions about future course offerings that focuses on our strengths and streamlines our portfolio to meet the demands of the future working generation.

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– Professor Romy Lawson;Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education

Whatever your goals,Hanover will partner with you to create a custom approach to support your needs.

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