Hanover built its K-12 Solutions based on more than 10 years of experience supporting over 700 school districts,区域教育机构,国家教育部门,独立学校,以及解决关键教学和行政挑战的非营利组织。Our comprehensive solutions use a multi-methods approach including data analytics,survey research,标杆管理,best practice identification,in-depth interviews,and focus groups to help K-12 leaders in every department manage their toughest challenges.


Hanover's Research Solutions provide key insights for leadership across instructional and administrative departments

Leadership Solutions



  • Ensure College and Career Readiness:Support on-time student graduation and prepare all students for post-secondary education and career success.
  • 评估程序:Measure program effectiveness to support informed investments in resources that maximize student outcomes and manage costs.
  • Build Safe and Supportive Environments:创造一个支持学术界的环境,cultural,and social-emotional needs of students,parents,并对员工进行全面的年度气候和文化评估。


  • Engage Families and Communities:扩大和加强家长参与,确定支持学生成功的社区伙伴关系。
  • Recruit,留住和培养人才:Attract and retain highly-qualified staff through an enhanced understanding of the teacher experience and staff professional development needs.
  • Improve Operations:Proactively address changes in demographics,入学水平,and community expectations in your budgeting decisions.


Hanover's Grants Solutions支持您从点菜支持到完整提案开发的授权需求。

  • Grantseeking Capacity:Develop your organizational capacity to pursue grant funding.
  • Funding Research:Spot grant opportunities aligned to your funding needs.
  • 提案前支持:Facilitate the development of competitive project concepts prior to submission.
  • 提案审查与支持:Provide review and revision to ensure the robust proposal submissions.
  • 提案制定:Engage full proposal development support.

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阿尔卑斯学区对学习状态的愿景,'我们的学生获得了基本知识,技能,and dispositions in each content area and the fundamental capacities of collaboration,批判性思维,沟通,创意,公民身份,我们对这一愿景的追求使我们将资源集中在21世纪/更深入的学习上。This project—providing extended,job-embedded professional development for teachers and principals and providing instructional coaches—will have a larger impact on teaching and learning than any other initiative to date.We expect this impact to be seen in unprecedented student engagement K-12 and in developing skills for success beyond high school.

我们相信,汉诺威将通过检查我们的实践,帮助我们实现学生的学术目标和教师和管理者的目标,然后为我们提供有效工作的验证,as well as identifying areas that do not align with best practices for teaching and learning for 21st century/deeper learning.当考虑与外部合作伙伴接触时,我建议学区领导问自己和他们的选民两个问题。第一,当我们的学生退出我们的学校系统时,我们最希望他们知道和能够做什么?In other words,what kind of graduate do we hope to produce?接下来问,我们如何才能知道我们目前的专业服务是否能达到这些目的?认真衡量我们的效率可能会导致外部合作伙伴,像Hanover一样,who can help us see what we on the inside cannot.

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-博士John PattenAssistant Superintendent Education Services & K-12

Whatever your goals,Hanover will partner with you to create a custom approach to support your needs.